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Corvus and Siemens to build ESS for new Scandlines ferries

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 10:35 -- Anonymous
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Corvus and Siemens collaborate on ESS for Scandlines ferries
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Canadian Energy Storage Systems manufacturer Corvus Energy and Siemens have been awarded a contract to supply lithium energy storage systems to hybrid passenger ferries.

German-Danish ferry operator’s Scandlines agreed to have its M/V Berlin and M/V Copenhagen ferries fitted with a 1,050VDC, 1.5MWh ESS built from 231 Corvus Energy AT6500 advanced lithium polymer batteries.

The batteries will be used alongside a Siemens converter system and powered by four diesel gensets.

The AT6500 Lithium Polymer battery will provide 6.5kWh of energy in a ~2.5 cubic foot volume. Weighing 65kg, it is available in 12V, 24V, 48V and 96V configurations.

The hybrid propulsion system will also be equipped with a scrubber to clean the engines of exhaust streams of pollutants, which - according to a statement from Corvus - is expected to reduce sulphur emissions by “at least 90%.”

“The M/V Berlin and M/V Copenhagen are examples of the significant benefits both operationally and environmentally of battery hybrid propulsion,” Andrew Morden, President and CEO of Corvus Energy said.

The ferries will have a similar system to the ESS Corvus and Siemens delivered to the hybrid vessels currently operating on Scandlines’ Puttgarden-Rødby route.

Each ferry will have the capacity to carry 1,300 passengers and 460 cars or 96 trucks.

Corvus Energy to deliver lithium polymer battery ESS to hybrid ferry

Thu, 11/27/2014 - 16:52 -- Anonymous
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Corvus Energy
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Battery storage maker Corvus Energy has been contracted to supply an energy storage system (ESS) to Norwegian Fjord1’s hybrid ferry Fannefjord.

The ESS comprises of 63 lithium polymer batteries with a capacity of 410kWh.

The ESS will be integrated with the existing Siemens drive system and be powered by two liquefied natural gas (LNG) generators.

According to Corvus Energy, the conversion of the LNG vessel to a battery hybrid will reduce methane slips and deliver further reduced greenhouse gas emissions, fuel efficiency and maintenance costs. The ferry currently features one diesel engine and two LNG-fuelled main engines.

The 123m Fannefjord has a capacity of 390 passengers and 125 cars.

Canadian-based Corvus Energy claimed that the ferry will be the world’s first LNG battery ferry on commercial routes.

The company recently announced that that its ESS has successfully achieved reductions in bunker consumption during a three-month trial at a hybrid passenger ferry operated by Norled/AS in Norway.

“This trial proves the Corvus energy storage product is an effective solution for modernisation of existing vessels, extending their usable lifespan and reducing costs for the operators,” said Sean Puchalski, vice president for business development at Corvus Energy.


Corvus Energy to provide hybrid ferry with energy storage system

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 12:10 -- Anonymous
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TESO passenger ferry
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Battery storage maker Corvus Energy is to supply an energy storage system (ESS) to Spanish shipyard LaNaval for the production of a hybrid compressed natural gas (CNG) ferry.

The ESS comprises 48V lithium-ion battery modules with 1.6MWh capacity. The ESS will be used for backup power and aims to increase the energy efficiency of the ferry. The ESS can also be used to provide power-up and power-down capabilities.

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