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Belectric storage system approved for frequency response

Tue, 05/26/2015 - 16:38 -- Anonymous
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Belectric storage system approved for frequency response.
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Solar power company Belectric’s lead-acid battery storage system has been prequalified to provide 1.3MW of frequency control for Germany’s high voltage grid.

The €560,000 ($609,000) 948kWh Energy Buffer Unit (EBU) was initially installed to provide backup at the 67.8 MW Alt Daber solar project in Brandenburg, Germany.

The system will now provide frequency response to the German transmission network operator (TNO) 50Hertz, and will assist in frequency across the country’s high voltage grid from the Alt Daber plant.

The EBU includes power inverter and a medium voltage transformer. Depending on configuration, it has the ability to deliver between 800 and 1400kW of power storage.

It can also be prequalified for frequency response on the German transmission network at up to 650 kW, taking account of the reserve capacity required by German TNOs.

A revolution in energy storage by Powerstar

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 16:14 -- Paul Crompton
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A revolution in energy storage by Powerstar
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UK based voltage optimisation brand Powerstar has launched a new energy storage solution to deliver greater flexibility and control over electricity usage through the grid.

The Powerstar Virtue system will allow energy generated during periods of low demand to be stored locally and used at peak times

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