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Power cuts cost European and US industries billions

Mon, 04/27/2015 - 12:50 -- Anonymous
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Gautham Gnanajothi, Frost & Sullivan Energy & Environmental Senior Industry Analyst
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Market forecasters predict a surge in the UPS market following revelations the industry loses around €150billion in Europe, and the U.S €188 billion due to power failures.

According to Frost & Sullivan’s analysis, mature American and European markets will make up 45% of the UPS market revenues by 2018, while the Asia-Pacific will contribute 26% of the revenue.

Analysis of the global industrial UPS market reveals market earned revenues for 2014 at $1.13 billion, and estimates that this will reach $1.38 billion in 2018.

However, the market researchers also point out that the replacement rate for industrial UPS systems is fairly low, as they are built to last 20-30 years, the replacement demand will remain low globally and decrease the market revenue.

"Manufacturers need to introduce energy-efficient UPS systems with additional features," said Frost & Sullivan Energy & Environmental Senior Industry Analyst Gautham Gnanajothi. "They should also enhance their customisation capabilities to strengthen their appeal to customers in various market segments."

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