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Samsung SDI with new hybrid system

Fri, 04/17/2015 - 16:26 -- Anonymous
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Samsung SDI launches new hybrid system
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Samsung SDI has announced the launch of a new UPS and ESS hybrid system, aptly named UES.

While the UES system stores power like an ESS system, it is also designed to work as a UPS system during power outages. The system has been fitted with lithium-ion cells and Samsung’s own energy management system, allowing a two-way exchange of energy that is said to both prevent power outages and reduce energy costs.

It is claimed that installing the UES could cut costs with up to 30%, compared using separate ESS and UPS systems.

The UES made its operational debut on 1 April, running at the company’s Uiwang R&D centre.

The unit installed in Uiwang will provide Samsung with the key data necessary to promote the system on the global UPS market.

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