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Warwick University to host £1 billion APC hub

Fri, 08/08/2014 - 11:19 -- Anonymous
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WMG International Digital Laboratory
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British Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) has selected the University of Warwick, UK, as hub location for research and development of low carbon propulsion systems.

The £1 billion research centre will be located on campus at Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), a division of the University focused on low carbon mobility, including energy storage and battery testing. APC is to invest up to £200m in projects this year.

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Lead prospects poor following thriving summer

Fri, 09/13/2013 - 12:11 -- Anonymous
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Lovely lead
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Following a prosperous summer, the price of lead on the London Metals Exchange looks shaky.

Lower automobile production in Europe is effecting the demand of lead around the world. Over the past month the value of lead has fallen about US$100 to around US$2125 a tonne (as at 11.09.13). 

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