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Saft to supply superphosphate lithium batteries for US military

Tue, 06/03/2014 - 16:59 -- Anonymous
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US military Howitzer
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French battery manufacturer Saft has been awarded a contract from BAE Systems to provide lithium 'Super-Phosphate' batteries for US military’s M777A2 Howitzer.

Saft will replace previous lead-acid batteries with its Li-ion technology and proprietary 'Super-Phosphate' cells to power the weapon’s fire control unit. The batteries will be integrated with the company’s 28V control and power electronics. The 28V batteries provide a capacity of 80Ah.

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Saft primary lithium batteries to power emergency signals for ‘eCall’ units

Thu, 09/26/2013 - 10:37 -- Anonymous
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Saft is to supply primary lithium metal oxide batteries to automotive electronics firm Actia for ‘eCall’ safety device.

The batteries will provide emergency power for Actia's ACU-II (Automotive Communications Unit), a device that will be installed in new vehicles for Actia's high-end European car manufacturer customers.

The ACU-II provides services that improve the connectivity of motor vehicles, with the main application being for eCall, the new safety system that will be mandatory for all new European Union vehicles from 2015.

eCall devices detect when a car has experienced a  serious accident. The device then automatically contacts the emergency services with the car's exact location, direction of travel and number of passengers. 

As well as eCall functionality, the ACU-II will also provide drivers with the ability to track their car and control aspects of their vehicle through a smartphone application, for example locking or unlocking doors, or turning on the heater.

The batteries selected will power the ACU-II in emergency situations and have been specially designed to cope with this demanding automotive application.

Ralf Sauer, European Sales and Marketing Manager for Saft's Tadiran, said: "Drivers and passengers will benefit from the ability of Saft's AA sized lithium metal oxide batteries to hold a charge for many years."

SAFT go photovoltaic

Thu, 07/19/2012 - 18:02 -- Anonymous
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Saft is producing lithium-ion cells for Schuco’s photovoltaic energy storage system available this year. 
The system determines if energy is stored, consumed or sold back to the grid.  The system control unit detects how much self-generated electricity is available and combines this information with external data.  Electricity is only exported when production exceeds storage capacity.


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