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fuel cell

ITM Power hydrogen fuel cell from tidal energy

Tue, 05/19/2015 - 14:22 -- Anonymous
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ITM Power hydrogen fuel cell from tidal energy
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British fuel cell company ITM power has made a £1.79 million integrated hydrogen system sale to the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Scotland.

At the core of the system is a 0.5 MW polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) with integrated compression and up to 500 kg of storage.

The electrolyser has a hydrogen generation capacity of up to 220kg or 24 hours, and the PEM will be used to absorb excess power from EMEC’s tidal turbines testing, and the gas will be stored in an optional fuel cell to provide backup power for the centre. The remaining hydrogen gas will be used off-site in a separate project.


Plans for world’s largest fuel cell plant revealed

Tue, 05/12/2015 - 10:15 -- Anonymous
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A Connecticut energy company has revealed plans to build what is alleged to be the world’s largest fuel cell plant.
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A Connecticut energy company has revealed plans to build what is alleged to be the world’s largest fuel cell plant.

CT Energy & Technology, a subsidiary of O&G Industries presented its plans for Beacon Falls Energy Park to local authorities in a special Board of Selectmen last week.

The plant, located on a 23.8-acre property owned by O&G Industries, is projected to contain 21 fuel cell units producing 63.3 megawatts of energy.

If the project moves ahead it is estimated to take three years to complete, with the first of three phases of construction tentatively scheduled for the beginning of 2016.

Trenergi unveils fuel cell prototype

Tue, 05/12/2015 - 09:50 -- Anonymous
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Trenergi’s one kilowatt fuel cell demonstrated for a group of investors.
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Massachusetts-based Trenergi has unveiled the prototype of a new fuel cell.

Trenergi’s 1-kilowatt fuel cell is designed with a patented High-Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane-plus (HTPM+), using BASF material for the membrane.

The 1kW unit has capacity to produce 24 kWh of electricity and approximately 160 gallons of water per day, and is said to operate at up to 90% energy efficiency.

The company has also developed a 3kW prototype, which has been sold to a defence contractor for further testing. Trenergi hopes to construct fuel cells up to 100 kW in power.

Intelligent Energy’s first consumer product honoured with Edison award

Tue, 05/12/2015 - 09:29 -- Anonymous
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Intelligent Energy’s first consumer product honoured with Edison award
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British fuel cell developer Intelligent Energy has been named as a 2015 Gold Edison Award Winner for its portable fuel cell Upp.

Upp, the company’s first commercially available consumer product, is a USB-compatible hydrogen fuel cell used to charge mobile phones, eReaders and the like.

The cell is connected to a hydrogen cartridge offering up to five charges before it needs to be replaced.

Products submitted to the Edison Award are judged by a panel of more than 3000 business executives and academics, and are evaluated on the overall concept, value, delivery and impact.


AFC inks third international deal in a month

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 13:35 -- Anonymous
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AFC Energy has signed a deal to deploy 300 Mw of fuel cell capacity to Dubai.
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British fuel cell developer AFC Energy has signed a deal to deploy 300 Mw of fuel cell capacity to Dubai.

Dubai Carbon, backed by major emirati players ENOC, Dubai Electricity and Dubai Aluminium, is set to collaborate with AFC. The companies will initially assess the possibility of using the fuel cells as power supply to Dubai Expo in 2020, as well as The World Development by Nakheel and the Al Maktoum International airport.

The project will be operated trough a joint venture.

AFC and Dubai Carbon also intended to form a joint venture to pitch for additional fuel cell contracts.

This agreement is AFC’s third major international contract since the beginning of March.

Ballard provides backup to Indian 4G network

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 13:12 -- Anonymous
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Ballard’s ElectraGen™-ME to supply backup power Indian 4G network
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Canadian Ballard Power System has received and order for 100 fuel cell units to provide backup power to Indian Reliance Jio’s telecom network.

The purchase order comes after 12 months of extensive tests conducted by the telecom company, after which Ballard’s ElectraGen™-ME methanol-fueled system was selected.

The ElectraGen™-ME fuel cell comes in 2.5 kW and 5kW configurations and VRLA batteries as a bridging energy component.

Being the only company with a pan-Indian broadband wireless access license, Reliance Jio is currently in the process of building a new 4G telecom network.

The delivery of the initial order is expected to be complete by the end of the year.

New Swedish fuel cell launched at the Hannover Fair

Mon, 04/27/2015 - 12:47 -- Anonymous
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PowerCell S2's predecessor, the PowerCell Fuel Cell S1.
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Swedish fuel cell company PowerCell Sweden AB launched its new fuel cell stack at the Hannover Fair last week.

Powercell Sweden’s next generation fuel stack S2 is meant to complement its predecessor the PowerCell Fuel Cell S1 (1-5kW), covering larger power ranges up to 25kW.

The fuel cell stack is built to work in an auxiliary power unit environment on reformate gas, as well as systems running on pure hydrogen, and is intended both for automotive and stationary applications.

The S2 uses proton exchange membrane technology, which allows full power output within seconds. The unit is also capable of managing extensive starts and stops keeping battery buffers at a minimum.

Changes to the board of New Energy World

Fri, 04/17/2015 - 16:14 -- Anonymous
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The executive board of New Energy World Industry Grouping
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European fuel cell industry association, New Energy World Industry Grouping (NEW-IG) has announced the election of three new members of its executive board.

Andreas Frommel, VP for Business and Commercial Development at FuelCell Energy Solutions has been appointed vice-chair of energy transition solutions, while Thomas Melczer, Director of Business Development at Proton Motor has become head of membership/ JU commitment.

Gaelle Hotellier, VP and Head of Hydrogen Solutions at Siemens was re-elected as head of energy.

All six current board members will represent the industry’s interest in the Governing Board of the Fuel Cells Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking, a public-private partnership between the European Commission, European industry and research organisations.

The board will also lead NEW-IG’s advocacy work at EU level.

The new members have been elected to serve on the board for a two-year term.

Making use of African platinum

Tue, 04/14/2015 - 14:14 -- Anonymous
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South Africa's Trade and Industry Minister, Dr Rob Davis.
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Africa’s first 100- kW platinum- natural gas fuel cell was switched on at the Chamber of Mines in Johannesburg, South Africa last week, where it will provide baseload power to the building.

The Platinum Power Fuel Cell is a joint project between South Africa’s Department of Trade and Industry (dti) and Johannesburg-based Mitochondria Energy.

The project is funded through a ZAR 7.5 million (nearly $618 000) injection by the dti, and a loan financing obtained by Mitochondria of ZAR 3.25 million (about $260 000) from the Industrial Development Corporation.

Speaking at the event, South Africa’s Trade and Industry Minister Dr Rob Davis set a target of 1000 MW of platinum fuel cell-generated electricity supply by 2020.

Davis also said that being home to 80% of the world’s known platinum reserves puts South Africa at the forefront of developing fuel cell technology, and that there is no reason why South Africa should not become a major player in the manufacturing of platinum fuel cells.

Altergy with new lightweight fuel cell

Tue, 04/14/2015 - 13:47 -- Anonymous
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Altergy's Freedom Power Nacelle.
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Fuel Cell company Altergy has announced the launch of its new fuel cell, the Freedom Power Nacelle.

Powered by gaseous hydrogen the new cell comes in three different increments, 1kW weighing 240 lbs , 2.5 kW at 280 lbs and 5 kW, clocking in at 480 lbs.

The new cell is claimed to decrease footprint and volume each by 47%, as well as system weight by 48%. It is also claimed to be 26% cheaper than other fuel cells.

The cell is certified by the California Air Resources Board as a zero emission electrical power generator.


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