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Saft provides backup power to tram-trains

Tue, 05/19/2015 - 14:42 -- Anonymous
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Saft provides backup power to tram-trains
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French battery manufacturer Saft Group has won a contract to supply nickel-based backup batteries to the tram system in the British town of Sheffield.

Saft is contracted to supply the Spanish tram manufacturer Vossloh Spain with Saft MRX batteries to seven tram-trains ordered by Sheffield’s local transport authority.

Each tram-train will contain three battery systems where two 130 Ah capacity Saft MRX batteries will provide upto 90 minutes of power to functions such as lighting, doors, pantograph raising and communications. The third battery with a capacity of 70 Ah provides backup power for additional onboard functions.  The MRX batteries can operate in temperatures ranging from - 30° to + 70°C. 

The delivery of these systems began in December 2014, and is expected to continue throughout the year.

Saft also supplied the batteries when Sheffield’s first Supertram trains went into service in 1994.

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